My focus is on providing a professional and seamless experience for you on and before your wedding day. Most couples who book me are looking for a documentary style photographer who artfully captures raw moments (with some minor guidance) while simultaneously sharing your laughs and tears throughout the day. As a photographer I believe a huge part of my job is creating a safe environment for you to be yourself and showcase your love language no matter how silly, intimate, or unique.



Home: Barcelona / Costa Brava, Spain
Mid December - January: Central Florida
July & August: Parry Sound, Ontario Canada


year round locations

*** Available world-wide

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" Sierra is absolutely amazing! I’ve always dreamed of how my wedding pictures would turn out one day and she exceeded anything I could have ever imagined! Me and josh had such a fun easy going session with her for our engagement pictures also and I mean FUN! We laughed, ran, jumped .... ate candy haha Sierra is so genuine and her work shows her extreme talent! I literally look at our pictures every single day and smile .. and cry haha she is a true artist "

-Victoria + Josh

"...She exceeded anything I could

       have ever imagined!..."

            have ever